Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It has been years, but I see many people have come here. I made a new blog, but I like this one much better, so I will be updating this one and moving everything over here, which really isn't anything much lol... just a tut and some music lol.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Today our new store is opening!!! Yeah! I can't say I helped with getting it up and started, just stayed by the wayside and cheered it on, but I am really excited to be selling some of my stuff. I will still be offering some of it free too.

Please visit our new store and have a look around. We have a lot of great artists there that are selling their work.
I will be selling my very first scrap kit there and then adding things as I can. Here is the kit I have there now.

pics and links edited out due to no longer available

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I just realized that I put my TOU in each set of 7 set of butterflies, but didn't put the TOU in the TOU in each individual brush. So, I am putting the TOU here for all to see:



Copyright ©2008 by ondrun
Designs for digital-scrapbooking and Signature tag making

Our blog:

These graphics are protected by national and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved. I maintain all ownership and rights to this material. These products are for personal use only and are not to be shared or redistributed, nor are they allowed to be used for commercial purposes. No profit may be made with the use of these elements



* You may alter my graphics and use them in your PERSONAL scrapbook pages and other projects. They are made specifically for taggers at a taggers size.

* You may use the content of any part of this kit in your layouts that are submitted to scrapbooking and/or related magazines and websites for publication as long as proper credit to the designer is given. If you alter my work, please include that information in the credits as well (i.e., “paper recolored”).

* You may use them in signature tag and stationary creations. I do not require credits if elements are used with an artists work.

* You may upload your layouts to online galleries or your own (non-commercial) website as long as credit is given (see format above).

You May NOT:

* Claim these graphics as your own.

* Alter and then claim these graphics as your own.

* Take any part of these graphics and add it to your graphics and claim the resulting graphics as your own.

* You may not make any of my graphics into tubes/brushes or redistribute them in any way or form.

* You may not offer any of my graphics images on any webpage for download, send them through lists, newsgroups, or include them in any graphics collection either on the internet or otherwise. You may send a preview and a link to my blog so that they may download the elements can be downloaded from there. If you downloaded these elements from any site other than please send me an email to let me know where you got it at

* You may not re-package or in any way re-sell or distribute my work. Doing so is a violation of copyright laws and may result in serious consequences,including large fines and other penalties.

* These graphics are not to be used in pornographic, immoral, or illegal works of any kind.

Thank you for downloading my product, and I hope you have as much fun working with it as I did creating it! If you have any questions or problems, please email me at Also, if you write a tutorial with any of my elements, please drop me an email - I'd love to see what you wrote!

Thank you,

If you have any questions about it or anything else be sure and write me. My email addy is ondrunATembarqmailDOTcom Just change the AT and the DOT to the appropriate thing and you will be just fine :)

Third set of 7 Butterfly brushes

links and pics no longer available.

Second set of butterfly brushes

links and pics no longer available.

Friday, July 18, 2008

First set of 7 butterfly brushes

links and pics no longer available.


Quite some time ago I had made some elements, brushes and other things for PSP and had shared them through my Yahoo group. Since I now have this blog, I thought this would be a good place to share those things and this way they would also be stored for people to get at a later time if they so desired. So, my first set of these will be some butterfly brushes. There are 21 of them. I think I will put them in about 3 entries so that they are spread out some and not so much to download all at one time for those of you on dial up.

Rainbow Sequins

I just made a bunch of sequins, so I bundled them up for you all. I hope you like them as much as I liked making them :)

links and pics no longer available.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Freebie Summer Time Bows 2

I hope you all like these bows too. I had fun making them. I look forward to playing around and making some more bows.

links and pics no longer available.

Freebie Summer Time Bows 1

Okay... I'm finally taking my first step into the scrap booking community. Well, it really isn't my first step. I made a kit several years ago when scrapping was just new to the tagging community. But, I couldn't get it going very well, so gave up :( So... I'm back again, back to that first step. This time, I'm not starting with a kit, I'm starting with some elements. These were fun to make. I made them by hand and I can't wait to keep playing and making different bows. These are freebies. I hope you enjoy them :)

links and pics no longer available.